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Sire: Bokra Gesture (Age at birth: 4 years, 5 months.)

Dam: Sirlanda's Sunshine (Age at birth: 3 years, 4 months.)

Date of Birth: 24 March 1996

Bred by: R. Lehto-Nevala


Riverwolf Solid Gold

(F) 24 March 1996, FIN21418/96, Gray brindle

FIN CH EE CH  Bokra Gesture

18 October 1991
 SF13047/92 Brindle

Health checks:

Breeder: S. Surrell & K. Coleman

GB CH  Caredig Yankeedoodle

29 November 1986
 KCSB3808BX Red & Black Brindle

Breeder: D. E. Tebbutt

Clonara Nizam

12 March 1983
 KCSB4709BT Brindle

Breeder: S. W. & M. H. Wilkins

Solstrand San Antonio Of Edeyrn

9 November 1978

5 years, 8 months.

Breeder: D. A. Kenis Pordham

GB CH Edeyrn Mogul

15 June 1973 KCR99954/73

Breeder: K. L. Follett

US CA CH Gerdin's Kerry Of Heart G

19 December 1971 HB689048 - KCSB980BN Gray

Health checks:

Breeder: M.R. & W. Gunnell

GBCH Clonara Cassnu

12 March 1978

Breeder: S. W. & M. H. Wilkins

GB CH Eaglescrag Lysander

27 December 1975 KCSB0797BM

9 years, 6 months.

Breeder: L.S. & R. Jenkins

Cleveragh Kerry Of Clonara

12 March 1975 KCREG72669/75

Breeder: J. R. Hegarty

Caredig Electra

26 June 1983
 KCSB4608BU Grey Brindle

Breeder: D. E. Tebbutt

Fitzarran Yankee Of Eaglescrag

29 April 1979
 HC724657 KCRF0092469F02 Gray & Brindle

9 years

Breeder: W. & B. Deemer

US CH Wild Isle Warlock

1 April 1973 HB868855 Wheaten

7 years, 2 months.

Cause of death: Osteosarcoma

Breeder: J. Bregy

US CH Eaglescrag Kate

6 January 1977 KCB1535 HC462201 Gray & Brindle

7 years

Breeder: L.S. & R. Jenkins

Caredig Meg

16 February 1980

8 years

Breeder: D. E. Tebbutt

Lindfreys Blarney Beau of Chriskay

20 May 1976 KCSB2583BN

Breeder: G. A. Bennett

Caredig Biscuit

1 October 1976

7 years

Breeder: D. E. Tebbutt

Chater Tapestry At Bokra

9 October 1987
 SB 4417BY Wheaten

Breeder: V. J. Philip

GB CH Sovryn Of Drakesleat

9 May 1983
 KCSB1065BU Red brindle

Breeder: McDonald

GB CH  Drakesleat Kyak

6 January 1979
 KCSB1518BN Red Brindle

5 years, 7 months.

Cause of death: Osteosarcoma

Breeder: Z. Thorn Andrews

GB CH Drakesleat Runen

4 August 1976 Red Wheaten

6 years

Breeder: Z. Thorn Andrews

Drakesleat Musyk

26 June 1975 Red Brindle

Breeder: Z. Thorn Andrews

Bokra Kaprice

18 August 1981
 KCSB4843BT Brindle

11 years, 12 months.

Breeder: S. Surrell & Pearce

GB CH Witchesbroom Wizard

30 April 1976 KCSB3887BL

Breeder: S. F. Kemp

Chicanery Of Bokra

6 July 1975 Brindle

7 years

Breeder: S. Surrell

Bokra Taisce Alainn Of Chater

11 June 1985
 KCSB2297BV Brindle

Breeder: S. Surrell & K. Coleman

Bokra Pagan

23 May 1984

Breeder: S. Surrell & K. Coleman

Bokra Notary

29 November 1982 Brindle

Breeder: S. Surrell & K. Coleman

Bokra Modesty

20 January 1982 Cream

3 years

Cause of death: Gastric Torsion

Breeder: S. Surrell & Pearce

Bokra Mystic

20 January 1982

7 years

Breeder: S. Surrell & Pearce

GB CH  Drakesleat Kyak

6 January 1979 KCSB1518BN Red Brindle

5 years, 7 months.

Cause of death: Osteosarcoma

Breeder: Z. Thorn Andrews

GB CH Gemmah Of Bokra

9 October 1979 SB 1228BQ Brindle

10 years

Breeder: S. A. Surrell

Sirlanda's Sunshine

29 November 1992
 SF00191/93 Gray brindle

Vargtassen's Warren

2 June 1989
 S40975/89 brindle

Breeder: Sundberg

Thor's Daring Risk V Duke's Paradijs

4 August 1987
 SE06867/88 NHSB 1556277

Health checks:

Breeder: H. van den Berg

Knighthood Claudius

17 January 1986

Breeder: R. & S. Hansson

NORD CH Wild Eagle Saxon-Stclair

28 December 1980 S28540/81

7 years

Cause of death: Arthritis due to trauma as a youngster

Breeder: A. M. E. Wraneus

NORD CH Wild Eagle Opal-Stclair

30 December 1979 S18690/80

Breeder: A. M. E. Wraneus

Barbellate Cade V. Duke's Paradijs

26 March 1985

9 years

Breeder: H. van den Berg

Aenghus Karhu Of Hendygwyn

11 November 1982 NHSB1244984

Sulaatik's Baukje

22 October 1978 NHSB1035027

Breeder: G. deHaan-deWit

Westmount Fatima

27 December 1985

Breeder: J. & E. Söderqvist

FI SE CH Westmount Willie Finnchosach

14 August 1983
 S50629/83 Brindle

Health checks:
PRA: Known Carrier

Breeder: J. & E. Söderqvist

SE CH Mochras Valentinian

27 June 1981 S65373/81 Red & Brindle

6 years, 6 months.

Health checks:
PRA: Known Carrier

Breeder: S. E. Till

Artara At Westmount

13 March 1978 S31522/78

C.I.B NORD CH  Westmount Dixie D'or

7 April 1979

Breeder: J. & E. Söderqvist

SE CH Mountebanks Barrabas

1 April 1968 S18204/68

Breeder: C. Lindhe

SECH Buckhurst Guinevere

4 July 1974 S00731/75

Breeder: A.E. Hyett

Koivutarhan Kersti

25 February 1988
 SF05997/88 Gray brindle

FIN CH SE CH Brokenwheel Bos

25 July 1985
 SF228687/85 brindle

Breeder: K. Roms

FIN CH  Wolf Tone Sean-O'Casey

12 February 1981
 S23316/81 brindle

Breeder: E. & L. Janzon

NORD CH Witchesbroom Hussar

8 December 1979 S13685/81

7 years

Cause of death: Colon cancer

Breeder: S. F. Kemp

NORD CH Eaglescrag Hannah

12 May 1975 KCR60675/75

8 years

Cause of death: Pneumonia

Breeder: L.S. & R. Jenkins

FIN CH  Killytobin Banshee

17 September 1982

FIN CH  Athcarne Bran

15 February 1977 SF00016D/78 fawn

8 years

Breeder: T. Redmond

FIN CH  Killytobin Roshindubh

8 May 1980 SF13396L/80 Gray

FIN CH  Pir-Pauken Xola

24 June 1985
 SF282638/85 GrayBrown

FIN CH  Liadhann Lonnar

2 January 1983

Breeder: M.-L. Torkkola

FIN CH  Wolf Tone Sean-O'Casey

12 February 1981 S23316/81 brindle

Breeder: E. & L. Janzon

FIN CH  Killytobin Ritheann

8 May 1980 SF13399P/80 Gray

Von Vertrago Legatia

9 April 1983
 SF076379/83 BrownGray

Breeder: S. Sutinen

Von Vertrago Ghotto

8 August 1978 SF178933/78

Breeder: S. Sutinen

Ljunas My Lady

25 February 1980 SF00020X/81 Gray

Breeder: M. Johansson

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