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Cluaranedge Bodine United KingdomAdd to favourites

Sire: Barachois Quiet As A Mouse (Age at birth: 4 years, 1 months.)

Dam: Starlight Bright (Age at birth: 2 years, 1 months.)

Date of Birth: 22 August 2020

Bred by: J.G. & M.C. Millar

Cluaranedge Bodine

(M) 22 August 2020, Wheaten

Barachois Quiet As A Mouse

31 July 2016
 Dark Brindle

Breeder: D. Greenwood

King Georg von Theresienstein Of Barachois

29 April 2013
 DWZB IW15079 Cream

Breeder: K. Kastner

INT CH AT DE (VDH) CH Jolly-Boy von Wilar

23 July 2008
 DWZB IW 12988 Sand

9 years

Cause of death: Accident

Breeder: S. Kleindienst

INT DE (VDH) AT CH PL LU CH Finn-Icebear von Wilar

9 March 2003
 DWZB IW 10582 White

10 years

Cause of death: Disc Prolapse

Breeder: S. & W. Kleindienst

C.I.B. DE CH (VDH) LU JCH Bexter vom Arsbecker Hof

22 February 2001 DWZB IW 9694 Cream

6 years, 7 months.

Breeder: E. Kremer

INT AT CH LX HU DE (VDH) CH Chevy von Wilar

1 January 1997 DWZB IW 7572 Sand

10 years

Cause of death: Old Age

Breeder: S. & W. Kleindienst

LU CH DE (DWZRV) CH Hannah von Wilar

28 April 2006
 DWZB IW 12035 Sand, Brindle

8 years, 6 months.

Cause of death: Lymphoma

Breeder: S. Kleindienst

Boothleg Fionnmaë

8 April 2001 NHSB 2345944 blond

7 years, 4 months.

Cause of death: Liver infection

Breeder: J. Cornelisse

DE (VDH) AT LU CH Elena von Wilar

24 July 2001 DWZB IW 9944 White

6 years, 3 months.

Cause of death: Poisoned

Breeder: S. & W. Kleindienst

Enya von der Kressenhöhle

24 October 2008
 DWZB IW 13104 White

9 years, 11 months.

Cause of death: Old age

Health checks:
Heart (EU Protocol): o.B. (0)

Breeder: S. Thunich

Ben von Theresienstein

3 September 2004
 DWZB IW 11178 Cream

6 years, 2 months.

Cause of death: Osteosarcoma

Breeder: K. Kastner

Varunai von den Sarrazenen

27 April 2000 DWZB IW 9365 Sand

Breeder: W. & M. Sarrazin

Deleila von Wilar

3 January 2000 DWZB IW 9069 Sand, Brindle

10 years, 10 months.

Breeder: S. & W. Kleindienst

DE CH (DWZRV) Cherry of Kirld Ground Castle

1 July 2005
 LOL C/168/05 - DWZB IW 12280 Creame, Brindle

10 years, 1 months.

Cause of death: disc prolapse

Breeder: M. Daubenfeld

Belzebuth Of Our Valley

24 April 2002 LOSH 908620 Brindle

4 years, 8 months.

Cause of death: Complications after surgery for Infection of the pericardis

Breeder: K. Somerhausen-Taubert

DE INT CH  Erinn von Wilar

24 July 2001 DWZB IW 9945 Cream

7 years, 4 months.

Breeder: S. & W. Kleindienst

Barachois Yasmine

6 May 2013
 Red Brindle

Breeder: D. Greenwood

Barnesmore Choister Of Barachois

27 March 2011
 Red Brindle

Breeder: M. Martin

Sagittarius Sarivello

27 May 2005
 PKRX-5815 Sand, Brindle

Breeder: B. Strzałkowska

PL CH Calcara Easca

10 February 2003 PKRX5243

4 years, 11 months.

Breeder: A. O'Keefe

PL CH Aurhore Of First Avenue

28 October 2001 LOSH0901078 - PKRX5012

Breeder: R. VanDamme

Kenia von der Oelmühle

13 December 2009
 DWZB IW 13652 Sand, Brindle

Breeder: H.J. Papenfuß & H.J. Rösner

Fortune Race Jaques

14 October 2004 DWZB IW 11252 Sand, Brindle

Breeder: A. Grzelachowski

DE CH (DWZRV) Unique von der Oelmühle

27 October 2006 DWZB IW 12217 Sand

Breeder: H.J. Papenfuß & H.J. Rösner

Arturo Blue Horizon Of Barachois

6 July 2009
 DarkGrey Brindle

Breeder: P. & E. Queenan

Barachois Develyn

25 February 2007
 KCAH01376302 Cream

Breeder: D. Greenwood

Ballyniamh Mr Tiggs

23 January 2005 KCAF01775705 Brindle

Breeder: T. Gotobed

Lindfreys Delphi At Barachois

25 June 2004 KCAE03482603 Brindle

Breeder: R. Bennett

Quidame Des Hayettes

1 April 2007
 KCAH02425602 Brindle

Breeder: G. Watchman

Zindagi Beorn The Bear

19 October 2004 KCAF00118901 Brindle

Tilery Portofino

31 May 2005 KCAG01440602 Brindle

Breeder: G. Watchman

Starlight Bright

14 July 2018

Breeder: A. & D. Sowden

Harropine Obi One Knobi

16 October 2014
 AS00774802 Wheaten

Breeder: M. Harper

Brave King Allen

28 April 2008
 DWZB IW 12914 Sand, Brindle

Breeder: J. & I. Spilker

FR DE CH (DWZRV) Inishmaan Charles

3 November 2005
 DWZB IW 11740 Sand, Brindle

Breeder: E. & J. Müller

DE CH Fortune Race Iron

19 January 2004 DWZB IW 10895 Sand, Brindle

Breeder: A. Grzelachowski

Inishmaan Bo

30 January 2003 DWZB IW 10557 Sand, Brindle

Breeder: E. & J. Müller

Brokenwheel Jurinea

5 May 2005
 FIN33376/05 - DWZB IW 11706 Sand, Brindle

4 years, 7 months.

Cause of death: cildbed

Breeder: K. Roms

Hertta-Ässän Carpe Diem

9 November 2003 FIN47259/03 Gray brindle

FIN CH  Brokenwheel Aira

3 August 1999 FIN34754/99 brindle

8 years, 11 months.

Cause of death: Accident

Breeder: K. Roms

Harropine Steel Magnolia

30 March 2012

Breeder: M. Harper

Nostradamus von der Oelmühle

5 April 2010
 DWZB IW 13798 Sand, Brindle

Breeder: H.J. Papenfuß & H.J. Rösner

DE CH (DWZRV) Team Spirit Drag Queen

29 April 2007 NHSB 2654608 - DWZB IW 13071 Sand

Breeder: B. Bekebrede

Tosca von der Oelmühle

5 September 2006 DWZB IW 12183 Sand, Brindle

Breeder: H.J. Papenfuß & H.J. Rösner

Christmas Gift von der Oelmühle

26 October 2008
 DWZB IW 13110 Red, Brindle

Breeder: H.J. Papenfuß & H.J. Rösner

FR DE CH (DWZRV)  Cronos Salutaris

18 December 2004 PKR X-5667 - DWZB IW 11583 Sand, Brindle

DE CH (DWZRV) Unique von der Oelmühle

27 October 2006 DWZB IW 12217 Sand

Breeder: H.J. Papenfuß & H.J. Rösner

Monclare Liadan

22 October 2015
 wheaten brindle

Breeder: R. H. Molloy

Pendlefoot's Star Child

3 February 2012

Breeder: A. & V. Jones + Kellet

Arturo Sound Of Thunder

6 July 2009

Breeder: P. & E. Queenan

Barachois Develyn

25 February 2007 KCAH01376302 Cream

Breeder: D. Greenwood

Quidame Des Hayettes

1 April 2007 KCAH02425602 Brindle

Breeder: G. Watchman

Monclare Spice Berry

13 March 2009

Breeder: R. H. Molloy

Tadhg's Autumn Fall

9 October 2004 IKC W87627

Monclare Tahani

11 January 2004

Breeder: R. H. Molloy

Grimoire Our Romani

1 December 2012

Breeder: J. K. Howell-Edwards

Torbriaghin Floyd Of Barachois

28 December 2009

Breeder: JE Mailman

Santir Spirit Of The Glen Over Bribiba

19 November 2008 KCSB1656CV Red Brindle

8 years, 8 months.

Breeder: J. Bosanquet

Bribiba Fallon Of Scotland

21 September 2005 Brindle

Breeder: F. Smith-King

Kergullen Silver Lilly

4 April 2008
 Grey Brindle

Breeder: C. S. C. Owen

Barachois Develyn

25 February 2007 KCAH01376302 Cream

Breeder: D. Greenwood

Caraghmia Lady

22 August 2006 Fawn

Breeder: A. M. Lowrie

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