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Sunstag Vixen Puma United StatesAdd to favourites

Sire: Sunstag Am. Heritage (Age at birth: 4 years, 6 months.)

Dam: Sunstag Topsy Turvy Maise (Age at birth: 1 years, 10 months.)

Date of Birth: 10 January 2002

Bred by: D. Howell-Hirsch

Sunstag Vixen Puma

(F) 10 January 2002, HM99388102, Wheaten & Brindle

US CH Sunstag Am. HeritageSC

4 July 1997
 HM71758401 Wheaten

Breeder: D. Howell-Hirsch

US DC Sunstag My Man GodfreySC

16 December 1994
 HM55474004 Cr

Breeder: D. Howell-Hirsch

US CH Sunstag Xanadu Solo

2 August 1991
 HM36613201 Wheaten

Health checks:

Breeder: D. Howell-Hirsch

US CA MX CH Sunstag Joss

11 March 1986
 HD381460 Wheaten

Health checks:

Breeder: D. Howell-Hirsch

US CH Galaxy's Shenanigans

5 October 1979 HC701278 Gray & Wheaten

Health checks:

Breeder: Voss & Michels

Tiens'n Heiress Of Muldoon

23 July 1982 HC966852 Brindle

Health checks:

US CH Sunstag Rysheron Breez'in Xu

6 May 1987
 HD512121 Wheaten

Health checks:

Breeder: D. Howell-Hirsch

US CH Sunstag Sceo Ce

9 February 1985 HD233536 Wheaten

Breeder: D. Howell-Hirsch

Kildare's Sunstag Nefratiti

31 December 1983 HD111195 WHEATEN

Breeder: Bonham

US DC Sunstag Poppy Pureheart

5 November 1989
 HD801545 Whtn

Health checks:

Breeder: D. Howell-Hirsch

Binsrath Pippin O Barra Gwynn

2 March 1987
 HD491964 Brindle

Breeder: I. H. Garriss

CA CH Franshaw Filius

26 November 1980 KCSB2249BR - HD189553 Wheaten & Brindle

Breeder: F. E. Shaw

US CH US FCH Longmore Kilree Of Binsrath

29 May 1980 HC739941 Red & Brindle

9 years, 8 months.

US CA MX CH Sunstag Puck

26 July 1986

Health checks:

Breeder: D. Howell-Hirsch

US CH Sunstag Sceo Ce

9 February 1985 HD233536 Wheaten

Breeder: D. Howell-Hirsch

US CH Kildare's Sunstag Faery Fey

21 February 1984 HD134900 Wheaten

Breeder: Bonham

US DC Macshoi Bonnie Blue SunstagSC

1 June 1991
 HM36237002 Wheaten

6 years, 1 months.

Cause of death: Died in whelp

Breeder: D. Howell-Hirsch

US CH Ailne Rhapsody Of Blue

26 April 1988
 HD631379 Gray & Wheaten

US CH Merrimac Mikey Of Killarney

7 August 1986
 HD448580 Wheaten

12 years, 11 months.

US CH Killarney Kilroy O'Conell

16 June 1980 HC764328 Wheaten

Breeder: M. & B. Gerber

Imperial Ivory Lace

14 June 1981 HC876417

US CH Ailne Abbey Mariagh

1 December 1984
 HD440864 Gray & Wheaten

An Dun Oliver P Dragon O'Eire

2 January 1979 HC586618

Ailne Molly Mariagh

18 April 1978

Breeder: Wothmann

Murphy Labhra Nic Sunstag

27 May 1988
 HD628789 Whtn Brdl

US CH Sunstag Sceo Ce

9 February 1985
 HD233536 Wheaten

Breeder: D. Howell-Hirsch

Dian-Ra's Whisky O'Toole

6 March 1979 HC641540 Gr Brdl

Breeder: Burks

Tiens'n Heiress Of Muldoon

23 July 1982 HC966852 Brindle

Health checks:

Murphy's Bree Of Aran Isle

14 March 1983
 HD033888 Gr & Whtn

US CH William O'Thornden

15 March 1980 HC817987 Wheaten & Brindle

Health checks:

Breeder: R. & K. Roseberry

Ranchoe Gauchos Adilen

18 March 1978 HC745486 Gr & Whtn

Breeder: G. Schneider

Sunstag Topsy Turvy Maise

26 March 2000
 HM88856404 Wheaten

Breeder: D. Howell-Hirsch

Fenrier B.Sunstag By DesignSC

1 September 1995
 DWZB IW 6823 - HM62981701 Cream

Breeder: D. & T. Gauerke

Faxbos Lion

5 October 1990
 DK05825/91 - DWZB IW 6010 Red

Breeder: C. Jensen

Grey Eagle's Sir Fonzie Av Faxbo

22 January 1988
 S19399/88 - DKK10429/89

Breeder: C. Engström

Castlebury Seargeoh

17 May 1985 SE44647/85

8 years

Breeder: P. Tuovinen Nilsson

Grey Eagle's Queen-Patricia

11 October 1984 S10074/85 Brindle

Breeder: C. Engström

DK CH Faxbos Asta

10 April 1988
 DK23863/88 Wheaten

Breeder: C. Jensen

DK CH Faxbos Odin

18 March 1987 DK10035/87 Wheaten

Breeder: C. Jensen

DK CH KBHV88 Faxbos Wanda

11 March 1984 DK22747/84 Brindle

Breeder: C. Jensen

Hundra vom Sachsenhof

26 September 1992
 DWZB IW 5109 Sand, Grey Brindle

Breeder: E. Otto

Fangorn's Gandolf

22 April 1989
 DWZB IW 3432 Sand, Brindle

Breeder: D. Dierick

INT DE CH Zeno Von Der Oelmühle

2 January 1987 DWZBIW2614 - HM40999501 Wheaten

7 years, 9 months.

Health checks:
Eyes (CERF): 92

Breeder: H.J. Papenfuß & H.J. Rösner

Fangorn's Emotion

18 December 1986 DWZBIW2585

Breeder: D. Dierick

Dagmar vom Sachsenhof

18 January 1989
 DDR 006 9 - DWZB IW 4208 Grey, Brindle

Breeder: E. & K. Otto

Apoll vom Eiffelturm

3 July 1981 DDR IW 13 Sand

Breeder: R. Michels

Ann vom Heidewolf

29 April 1983 DDR IW 65 Grey, Brindle

Breeder: P Hollatz

Sandhill Sunstag Camille

7 September 1996
 HM66631304 Wheaten

Noinin Cnoc Riley

19 September 1992
 HM43055106 Grey Brindle

Breeder: Soares

US CH Grianan Ladd Of Limerick

5 January 1988
 HD572856 Wheaten & Brindle

Breeder: M.G. Scheer

US CH Starkeeper's Ard Darby Grianan

4 September 1980 CKC MS201362 - HC883406 Red Brindle

Breeder: J. Gagne

US CH Kellcastle Alain Banselgare

19 November 1983 HD110022 Gray & Brindle

Breeder: D. Webb & B. Griffin-Webb

US CH Bailebrae Kariad

5 April 1989
 HD752143 Red & Brindle

Health checks:

Breeder: M. T. Grotano

US CH Fitzarran Jasper

25 November 1986 HD449183 Gray & Brindle

Breeder: W. & B. Deemer

US CH Fitzarran Madara O Bailebrae

20 December 1982 HD007928 Red & Brindle

Breeder: W. & B. Deemer

Riley's Katie Of Sand Hill

23 September 1993
 HM50096703 Wheaten

Breeder: L. Simoni

Michael O Rourke Of Tara Hts

28 October 1991
 HM38036004 Whtn

Breeder: M. Luba

Faolan O'Cagney Of Tara Hts

6 June 1989 HD753854 Brdl

Applearbor Deedra

22 July 1988 HD653428 Gr Brdl

Maeglyn O'Eureka Canyon

24 September 1990
 HM33946203 Whtn

Tia's Ballykelly Of Swords

20 December 1986 HD471750 Wheaten

Breeder: S. Seale

Lynge's Mariah

19 October 1985 HD898204 Whtn Brdl

Breeder: Hussman & Wegscheid

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