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Twin Hearts Caoimhe Meghan United StatesAdd to favourites

Sire: Chieftains Baron Braveheart (Age at birth: 2 years, 5 months.)

Dam: Twin Hearts Bridgit Meghan (Age at birth: 3 years, 3 months.)

Date of Birth: 26 May 1999

Bred by: J. & R. Puckett

Twin Hearts Caoimhe Meghan

(F) 26 May 1999, HM83305808, Wheaten

Chieftains Baron Braveheart

19 December 1996
HM67720004 Whtn

9 years

Cause of death: Lymphoma

Breeder: C. Billesbach

Singing Swords Buckly

7 March 1994

Breeder: R. & C. Cameron

Singing Swords Cullum

19 November 1990

US CH Riverbrook Ruddles

21 April 1989

Breeder: G. McKenna

Chapelleigh Duke Of Nutstown

1 December 1985 Red Brindle

9 years, 6 months.

Breeder: D. & D. Bushby

Nutstown Biddy

4 June 1985

Breeder: J. & K. Kelly

Singing Swords Tovah's Megan

1 February 1986

Breeder: S. Engel-Elliott

Singing Swords Sir Quillan

21 April 1980 Red

Breeder: Baker

US CH Singing Swords Tovah

21 January 1980 Wheaten

Breeder: S. Engel-Elliott

Singing Swords Rhiannon

15 January 1991

Breeder: S. Engel-Elliott

US CH Singing Swords Samson

22 April 1984

Breeder: S. Engel-Elliott

US CH Singing Swords MosesCDX

22 October 1978 Brindle

Breeder: S. Engel-Elliott

US CH Singing Swords Tovah

21 January 1980 Wheaten

Breeder: S. Engel-Elliott

Ciancara Of Singing Swords

26 March 1988

Breeder: M. & G. Perlman

Ciancaras Enforcer Of Swords

4 June 1984 Wheaten

Breeder: Dorotik

Ciancaras Squires Legacy

24 December 1983 Whtn Brdl

Mittzy Timberwind O'Craig

18 June 1990
Wheaten Brindle

Ninja Timbermaster O'Craig

8 September 1984
Whtn Brdl

Breeder: C. Billesbach

Timberline Bufford

23 September 1978
Gr Brdl

US CH P J's Muldoon

25 April 1977 Whtn Brdl

Breeder: Baird

PJ's Shenanigan

11 August 1976 Wheaten Brindle

Breeder: D. & J. Howrey

Fearless Abby

16 August 1982

Ol'e King Cole's Boei

15 February 1980 Whtn Brdl

Breeder: Connell

Truc'er Pisces

7 July 1978 Gr Brdl

Sonja Of O'Swag Tara

8 March 1987
Gr Brdl

Breeder: Bailey

Trampas Fitzgerald O'Ackland

10 December 1984
Gr & Whtn

Breeder: L. H. Ellis

US CH Kilkenny's Clancy Of Eire

29 March 1982 Gr

Breeder: Coronado

US CH Trampas Gray Witch

18 June 1982 Gr Brdl

Breeder: Harnish

Rogue's O' Swag Tan Tara

24 September 1981

Rogue's Daniel Me Bucko

24 January 1977 Gr Brdl

Breeder: Moutraz

O'Swag Bar Barbara

10 February 1975 Gr & Whtn

Breeder: D. Elting

Twin Hearts Bridgit Meghan

25 February 1996

10 years, 1 months.

Breeder: C. & N. Kile

Trampas Finn's O'Shea Wraith

22 September 1992

US CH Trampas Finn Dearg

14 October 1988

Breeder: L. H. Ellis

US CH Windfern's Dallas

3 February 1986

Breeder: R.A. Kirtley

US CH Singing Swords Adam Dundrum

22 April 1984 Fn

Breeder: S. Engel-Elliott

US CH Dundrum's Erinn Cu Uaine

2 June 1982 Rd & Grey Whtn

Breeder: R.A. Kirtley

Ballykelly Portlaoise

14 April 1985

Breeder: S. Seale

INT IE CH  Carrokeel Sir Connel Of Nutstown

26 February 1979

8 years, 10 months.

Breeder: E. C. Murphy

Dunleary Eileen Oge

17 June 1977

9 years

Breeder: M. O'Leary

US CH Trampas Corky O'Ceallaigh

23 January 1989

Breeder: Bailey

US CH Trampas Colin Chulaine

23 April 1984
Gr Brdl

Breeder: Burruss & Newman

Trampas Colin

7 February 1982 Gr Brdl

Breeder: L. H. Ellis

Moal Cu Deirdre

10 August 1980 Whtn Brdl

O'Ceallaigh's Etaoin

21 December 1986

Windfern's Jack Kelly

20 December 1985 Whtn Brdl

Breeder: Z. Bradstreet

US CH Singing Swords Milis Eileen

7 October 1983 Whtn

Breeder: S. Engel-Elliott

Titan's Lady Grey Puffin

9 December 1993

Breeder: R.J. Dinger & M. Ryan

US CH Trampas Titan

22 April 1990
HD867509 Wheaten

9 years, 4 months.

Cause of death: Heat Stroke

Breeder: L. H. Ellis

US CH Windfern's Regan Of Dundrum II

2 February 1987
Whtn Brdl

Breeder: R.A. Kirtley

US CH Sedeki Dagda

16 December 1982 Whtn Brdl

US CH Dundrum's Faren Fionna

25 June 1983 Whtn

Breeder: R.A. Kirtley

US CH Ballykelly Trampas Tu

12 September 1988
Gray & Brindle

Breeder: S. Seale

Ballykelly Chief

31 October 1985

Breeder: S. Seale

Ballykelly Beauty

1 March 1987

Breeder: S. Seale

Kenion's Rose Haley Ryan

6 March 1987
Gr Brdl

Breeder: Harnish

Pat O'Tool Of Kenion

26 June 1984
Gr Brdl

Trampas Colin

7 February 1982 Gr Brdl

Breeder: L. H. Ellis

Molly Mae

12 December 1980 Gr & Whtn

Katie Womsley

7 June 1983
Gr & Whtn

Breeder: C.& M. Hughes

US CH Merrimac Ocr's Paddy Too

18 April 1979 Whtn

Breeder: I. Burczycki & McIntosh

Allostock's Brightly Britly

13 December 1980 Whtn

Full siblings

Number of full siblings: 4

Anam Cara Feargus The Brave

Chieftains Red Sonja (22 Offspring) Lifespan: 10 years, 1 months

Haan's Baron Heart

Lady Maggie Of Mud Spring Creek

Half siblings

Number of half siblings: 62

Number of litters with half siblings: 12

Litter number 1:

Born 17 March 1998

Sire: Chieftains Baron Braveheart Dam: Chieftains Megan V Mesa View

Nalaney's Chief Seamus

Royl McKenzie

Royl Mikela

Litter number 2:

Born 17 March 1998

Sire: Chieftains Baron Braveheart Dam: Chieftains Desert Smoke

Baret Elmo Timbermaster (12 Offspring)

Litter number 3:

Born 27 May 1998

Sire: Tiarnach Seosamh Of Paonia Dam: Twin Hearts Bridgit Meghan

Demoss Proud Shannon

O'Casey Of Spring Creek

Sir Fionnbar O'Neill

Litter number 4:

Born 12 July 1998

Sire: Chieftains Baron Braveheart Dam: Chieftains Desert Mist

Caitlin Scarlett O'Hara

Chieftains Baroness Tara

High Desert Tyranosaurusrex

Irish Wind Faire Kieran

Mularky O'Toole

Zues Of Valhalla

Litter number 5:

Born 27 August 1998

Sire: Chieftains Baron Braveheart Dam: Chieftains Megan V Mesa View

Bonfire Kelly O'Kewley

Braveheart's Zoe

Cheyenne Of Platte River

Chieftains Desert Bear Clan

Mystic Merlin Of The Isles

Taras Fiongalla

Litter number 6:

Born 22 September 1998

Sire: Chieftains Baron Braveheart Dam: Chieftains Desert Smoke

Bailey's Irish Dream II



McDowels Josie

Paddy O' Furniture

Litter number 7:

Born 26 February 1999

Sire: Chieftains Baron Braveheart Dam: Chieftains Desert Mist

Asher's Brona Memories Abound

Baron's Faigin O'Slit

Chieftains High Desert Diva (36 Offspring)

Chieftains Seanachaidh Thorn

Connor H.S.D. Bigglesworth

High Desert Roxasaurus

Just Call Me Roslyne

Norumbega's Naughty Nicolete

Storm Warrior

Litter number 8:

Born 22 May 1999

Sire: Chieftains Baron Braveheart Dam: Chieftains Megan V Mesa View

Aka's Gypsy Legend

Cheyenne Shinin Outlaw Gcym (39 Offspring)

Coates Striking Viper


Rosie McCartee

Susie Q

Litter number 9:

Born 25 November 1999

Sire: Chieftains Baron Braveheart Dam: Chieftains Desert Smoke

Beaurigard Little Puppy

Brenna Of Gorwelion

Bronwen Helgi Wraith (3 Offspring)

Chieftains Our Buddy Murphy

Erin Of McShire

Zoe's Amigo Phoebe

Litter number 10:

Born 21 December 1999

Sire: Chieftains Baron Braveheart Dam: Chieftains Desert Mist

Baron Desert Bravehart

D S De Su Ran's Rionach Liadan

Dracos' Mad Max Lifespan: 7 years, 6 months

Eastland's Fiona Liadan Una (11 Offspring)

Maxmillion Cancharz De First

Shillelagh O'Kerns

Litter number 11:

Born 6 June 2000

Sire: Chieftains Baron Braveheart Dam: Twin Hearts Bridgit Meghan

Chieftains Maggie Otoole (6 Offspring)

Golden Harp's O Conaill

Macreen Elizabeth Watkins

Litter number 12:

Born 25 July 2003

Sire: Chieftains Baron Braveheart Dam: Twin Hearts Bridgit Meghan

Casey Saint Clair (3 Offspring)

Celtic Crossroad Womping Willow (7 Offspring)

Celtic Crossroads Dreamweaver (5 Offspring)

Chieftans Sir Lancelot

Maximus Of The Last Frontier

Mcgrath Ceili Danu

Stitch Chancelor Banuelos

Yry-Hs Isaiah Ben Bergholz

Number of offspring: 12

Total number of unique descendants: 2,070

(Total born worldwide after Twin Hearts Caoimhe Meghan: 61,267)

Litter number 1. Partner: Chieftains Mighty Warrior

Litter born: 10 May 2002

Tuxhorn Barley Martell Wheaten

Hedge Tree Acres Cherrykiley (16 Offspring) Wheaten

Litter number 2. Partner: Chieftains Mighty Warrior

Litter born: 22 December 2002

Geodon Mcbane Wheaten

Arwen Elfen Princess Freese Wheaten

Hovers Rosy Two Wheaten

Keely Marie Of County Cork Wheaten

Lady Mcbeth Wheaten

Litter number 3. Partner: Chieftains Mighty Warrior

Litter born: 25 December 2003

Ailbe Nollaig (31 Offspring) Wheaten

Cheiftains Saint Nikki (11 Offspring) Wheaten

Cherftains Chrismas Angel Wheaten

Litter number 4. Partner: Chieftains Mighty Warrior

Litter born: 22 December 2004

McDats Irishhearts Mikki (3 Offspring) Wheaten

Sunstag 'Vegas Showgirl Wheaten

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Total number of possible ancestors (5 gens): 62

Actual number of ancestors: 60 (30M/30F)

Ancestorloss: 2

Percentage lost: 3.23%

Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 96.77%

Coefficient of Inbreeding: 0.00% (5 generations)

Coefficient of Inbreeding compared to breed average

The Kennel Club recommends breeding with a lower Coefficient of inbreeding (COI) than the average.
Average COI worldwide over the last 10 years for 5 generations is 3.36%.

Green areas are well below average COI. The yellow area marks average COI +/- 0.5% point. Red areas are well above average.

Lifespan in pedigree

Average recorded lifespan in pedigree: 9 years, 4 months.Based on lifespan-info of 6 entries in pedigree out of a possible 62 (9.68 %).

Recorded breed average in iwdb.org is 7 years, 5 months.Based on lifespan-info of 6233 dogs

Dogs that died in their first year are left out of the calculations, according to normal practice when calculating average longevity information in dogs.


Basis for veteran age is FCI-regulations; 8 years

We have 6 recorded veterans in this pedigree. 0 died before veteran-age.

We are missing info on 56 dogs

100.00% of dogs with known lifespan were veterans

Ancestor lists

Sire and Damline

Sires and dams


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