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Sire: Decedric Van De Tortelduif (Age at birth: 2 years, 7 months.)

Dam: Enya Van Anair Anamor (Age at birth: 2 years, 3 months.)

Date of Birth: 25 May 2007

Bred by: A. Steegmans-Goossens


(M) 25 May 2007, LOSH1023645, Wheaten

Decedric Van De Tortelduif

26 October 2004
 LOSH975533 Red Brindle

Breeder: H. Bosman-van Rooijen

Starkeeper's Mister Miles

10 May 2002
 CKC MJ824878 Whtn Brdl

Breeder: J Gagne, P Hendrickson, G Lewis

CA CH Kellcastle Status SymbolFChJC

24 July 2000
 HM90520604 Red Wheaten

9 years

Breeder: A. Spalding Prill

US CH Kellcastle Emerald Berrybriar

17 March 1998
 HM76129002 Red Wheaten

11 years, 3 months.

Cause of death: Weakness in rear

Health checks:

Breeder: T. & B. Ritzenthaler & J. Gagne

Kellcastle's Tartan-N-Tristan

6 November 1992 HM43779306 WHEATEN/BRINDLE

5 years, 3 months.

Cause of death: Osteosarchoma

Health checks:

Starkeeper's Norah Ni IerneSC

27 April 1994 HM66962601 CKC CG178411 Rd Brdl

5 years

Cause of death: Osteosarcoma

Breeder: J. Ivanovskis

US CH Kellcastle Tartan MackellarJC

23 January 1997
 HM68961906 Wheaten

US Ch Moloney's Just Dandy

1 April 1993 HM45786508 Wheaten

Kellcastle's Tartan-N-Tweed

6 November 1992 HM43779303 WHEATEN/SILVER

8 years, 8 months.

Health checks:

CA CH Cuhaven Starkeeper Bean Mhi

31 March 1998
 HM75745204 Wheaten & Brindle

Breeder: P. J. Hendrickson & J. Gagne

US CH Cuhaven Ardmore Brindle

28 July 1994
 HM53059204 Gray & Brindle

Health checks:

Breeder: P. Hendrickson

US CH Stoneridge Starkeeper Alton

12 June 1987 CKC UL640645 - HD562600 Wheaten & Brindle

8 years, 1 months.

Cause of death: Complications from aspiration pneumonia

Breeder: J. Ivanovskis

US Ch Starkeeper's Laky Bebhinn

26 January 1992 HM44704301 CKC AA980505 Gr Brdl

Breeder: J. Ivanovskis

US CA CH Starkeeper's Cuhaven Graceland

30 June 1995
 HM63118001 CKC EL309025 Whtn

11 years

Breeder: R.&L. Carter & J. Ivanovskis

US CH Starkeeper's Dearg Niall

27 April 1994 CKC CG178380 - HM56113401 Red & Brindle

Health checks:

Breeder: J. Ivanovskis

Starkeeper Elle Est ChanceuseCD

26 March 1992 CKC AE108976 - HM49983601

Health checks:

Breeder: R.&L. Carter & J. Ivanovskis

Zara of Mait Feacant

14 November 2000
 LOSH 876000 - NHSB 2325814 sand

Breeder: R. & K. Willems

Volf Du Ban De Chevigny

5 May 1997
 LOSH 805620

Breeder: C. Lebailly

La Fayette Du Grand Chien De Culann

12 June 1995
 LOF 1915

10 years, 7 months.

Breeder: F. Maison

FR CH Golden Dream du Grand Chien de Culann

8 April 1991 LOF 1547/404 Grey

7 years, 9 months.

Breeder: F. Maison

Tirliffin Rosalie

22 April 1993 DWZB IW 5460 Grey Brindle

Breeder: A. & K. Evertz

Quarla Du Ban De Chevigny

27 July 1992
 LOSH 693673

Breeder: C. Lebailly


17 January 1988 LOSH 606809

Breeder: Delcorps

Magdalena From The Good Heath

13 November 1988 LOSH 626522

Breeder: Seymus

Atlantic Patty Fionnmaë

26 December 1997
 NHSB 2173139

Breeder: J. Cornelisse

X-Files Fionnmaë

3 May 1996

Breeder: J. Cornelisse

INT DE NL LU CH  Cùroí Jazz

22 June 1994 NHSB1961801

8 years, 8 months.

Cause of death: Heart Failure

Breeder: Hoffman-Smits

Maeverik's Wallflower

12 August 1990 DWZB IW 3936 - NHSB1999990 Red Brindle

8 years, 6 months.

Cause of death: Osteosarcoma

Breeder: K. Wattrodt

FIN CH NL CH V-96  Powder Horn Faerie O'Horn

24 July 1993
 SF36520/93 brindle

Breeder: M. Mahonen

Godewind vom Äquator

16 September 1989 DWZB IW 3616 Sand

Breeder: E. Leeser

SF NL CH Declaration Of Love V. Duke's Paradijs

4 August 1987 NHSB1556280

Breeder: H. van den Berg

Enya Van Anair Anamor

3 March 2005
 LOSH971653 Wheaten Brindle

Breeder: G. Dijk

Zhen of Beltine

21 August 2000
 LOSH 876399

Breeder: R. & D. Thijs-Knapen

INT PL CH Sagittarius Fitzcarraldo

16 April 1994

7 years

Cause of death: DCM

Breeder: B. Strzałkowska

CH  Sagittarius Neverton

7 July 1992
 PKR X-XII-2427 red

7 years, 4 months.

Cause of death: Heart attack - no previous condition

Breeder: B. Strzałkowska

Cleaseac Carusso

3 May 1991 Brindle

Breeder: J. C. Verbeek

PL CH Iris Vom Fränkischen Hof

27 April 1985 DWZB IW2067 Red

Breeder: H. P. Müller

PL CH Ulvsholms Kenna

10 January 1989
 DK03697/89 Wheaten

9 years, 4 months.

Cause of death: Stroke

Breeder: J. Holm Jensen

DK CH Ulvsholms Florican Worthy

7 December 1986 DK01209/87 Golden

5 years, 4 months.

Cause of death: DCM

Breeder: J. Holm Jensen

Ulvsholms Yaeltacht

11 August 1984 DK26449/84 Wheaten

5 years, 2 months.

Cause of death: Injury to hindleg

Breeder: J. Holm Jensen

Velvet of Beltine

14 January 1997
 LOSH796672 Wheaten

10 years, 10 months.

Cause of death: Lung tumour. From 6y9m on also DCM.

Breeder: R. & D. Thijs-Knapen

INT CH DE,  Russell vom Ursenbach

8 October 1992
 DWZB IW 5159 Grey

Breeder: U. & W. H. Hasselbrink

US CH Fitzarran Llewelyn

1 June 1988 HD666729 - DWZB IW 3861 Grey Brindle

Breeder: W. & B. Deemer

INT DE, DE CH (VDH) Kimberley vom Ursenbach

10 September 1989 DWZB IW 3588 Grey Black Brindle

Breeder: U. & W. H. Hasselbrink

INT CH Nellwyns Miss Calamity Jane

5 April 1992
 KCREGS2865605S03 Brindle

7 years, 3 months.

Cause of death: DCM

Breeder: K. W. F. Johnson

GB CH Eaglescrag Justin

10 October 1987 KCSB0965BY

Breeder: L.S. & R. Jenkins

GB CH Mascotts Miss Money Penny

12 December 1986 KCSB4103BX Brindle

Breeder: M. A. Holder

Ailnekaily Of Caer Myrrdin

16 May 2001

Breeder: A. Steegmans-Goossens

Ciaran Of Nutstown

16 August 1998
 NHSB 2225288

8 years, 6 months.

Cause of death: Pneumonia

Breeder: J. & K. Kelly

IE CH Nutstown Adare

4 February 1997
 IKC T62145 Brindle

Breeder: J. & K. Kelly

Fingal Of Nutstown

10 June 1994 IKC S95692 Black

8 years, 9 months.

Cause of death: Soft tissue cancer

Breeder: J. & K. Kelly

IE CH Blossom Of Nutstown

25 February 1992 IKC S37598 KCSB1077CG Brindle

10 years

Breeder: J. & K. Kelly

Emily Of Nutstown

1 February 1995
 IKC T12218

Breeder: J. & K. Kelly

GB IE CH  Capitan Of Shantamon

10 May 1991 IKC S08849 KCSB4359CF Black Brindle

10 years

Breeder: G. & P. Clarke

Countess Of Ballykelly

18 January 1989 IKC R72833

Breeder: S. Seale

Tiffany From The Silent Step

31 December 1995
 LOSH 769612

10 years, 2 months.

Breeder: Baeten-Bicchiarelli

Killykeen Mcgilligan

1 January 1988
 IKC R41255 Brindle

10 years, 7 months.

Breeder: A. Killykeen-Doyle

IE CH Edeyrn Henri Of Killykeen

3 May 1986 KCSB4385BZ - IKC R45708 Brindle

10 years

Cause of death: Osteosarcoma

Breeder: R. A. L. Follett

Killykeen Jermyma

1 May 1985 IKC P81033

12 years

Breeder: A. Killykeen-Doyle

Qiris From The Silent Step

20 July 1992
 LOSH 691372

Breeder: Baeten-Ricchiarelli

O'Coileain From The Good Heath

6 November 1990

Breeder: Seymus

Myra From The Good Heath

11 September 1988 LOSH 617701

Breeder: Seymus

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