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Foxxden's Mollie Of Trabrook United StatesAdd to favourites

Sire: US CH Valfonts Alexander The Great (Age at birth: 3 years, 3 months.)

Dam: US CH Foxxden's Ryann Of Trabrooks (Age at birth: 3 years, 2 months.)

Date of Birth: 9 February 1989

Bred by: Gordon & Foxx

Foxxden's Mollie Of Trabrook

(F) 9 February 1989, HD749429, Gray & Brindle

US CH Valfonts Alexander The Great

24 November 1985
 HD352746 Whtn Brdl

US CH Sandstorms Kean Korua

24 April 1984
 HD191351 Rd Brdl

US CH Just Plain Waterford

3 February 1980
 HC711598 Rd Brdl

Breeder: Greco

US CH Aoncu Bruzerdh Of Major Acres

16 June 1977
 HC429529 Whtn

Breeder: D & M Greby and H & M Major

US CH Imperial Derg Chieftain

9 July 1974 HC046212 Red

Health checks:

Breeder: I. Burczycki

US CH Major Acres Via Bantry

13 May 1973 HB859622 Cream

Health checks:

Breeder: H. & M. Major

Carragheen Of Tara Heights

15 August 1977
 HC489404 Rd Brdl

Breeder: A. Tara

US CH Rory Magnus Of Tara Heights

19 May 1971 HB576520 Red & Brindle

Breeder: A. Tara

US CH Darianne Of Tara Heights

19 August 1974 HC105631 Rd Brdl

US CH Sandstorms Sweet Melissa

25 February 1981
 HC825632 Red & White

Health checks:

Imperial Red Baron

12 March 1978
 HC524618 Rd

Breeder: I. Burczycki & McIntosh

Imperial Baron

12 December 1972 HB939752 Red & Brindle

Breeder: I. Burczycki

Imperial Merrimac Meggin

20 November 1975 HC240415 Whtn

Breeder: I. Burczycki

US CH Sandstorms Sweet Charlotte

18 October 1976
 HC326313 Whtn

US CH Zarahemla Squire Allworthy

8 August 1972 HB803482 Wheaten

6 years, 10 months.

Cause of death: Hepatic infarction, Liver infarction, Myocardial degeneration, prior GDV

Breeder: C. & K.S. Gleason

US CH Imperial Cu Rua

25 January 1974 HB980157 Red

Breeder: I. Burczycki

US CH Lilliput Wild Irish Rose

24 October 1980
 HC784702 Whtn Brdl

Breeder: B. Little

US CH Lilliput Sir Galahad

23 November 1975
 HC215963 Wheaten

Breeder: B. Little

US CH Wild Isle Warlock

1 April 1973
 HB868855 Wheaten

7 years, 2 months.

Cause of death: Osteosarcoma

Breeder: J. Bregy

US CH Wild Isle Wizard Of Id

1 September 1970 HB442316 Wheaten

Breeder: J. Bregy

US CH Mistimourne Wild Isle Mirage

2 May 1970 HB455726 Red & Brindle

7 years, 10 months.

Breeder: Staudt

US CH Lilliput Irish Calliope

5 April 1973
 HB844820 Brindle

Breeder: B. Little

Ardfert Of Eagle

4 July 1968 HB104681 White

Breeder: S. E. Ewing III

Rathmolyon Tuatha

24 July 1970

Breeder: N. Hamilton

US CH Lilliput Hosannah

14 March 1976
 HC260671 Whtn Brdl

Breeder: B. Little

US CH Kelley Glen's Gaelic Kinsman

12 April 1973
 HB868883 Whtn Brdl

US CH Roise O'Rourke Of Erin

17 March 1970 HB403082 Wheaten

Breeder: Colby

US CH Shawna Of Kelley Glen

8 November 1969 HB372140 Brindle

Breeder: Craig

Rathmolyon Tuatha

24 July 1970

Breeder: N. Hamilton

Mapleton Blaise Of Rathmolyon

28 October 1967

Breeder: Marriott & Fidler

Cilwych Drusilla Of Rathmolyon

23 March 1967

Breeder: P. Cresswell

US CH Foxxden's Ryann Of Trabrooks

18 December 1985
 HD369692 Gr Brdl

Breeder: basche

Castlerock Ruaidhri

17 February 1980
 HC696828 Whtn Brdl

Breeder: Bussell

West Stormbringer Of Eagle

27 June 1976
 HC416484 Whtn Brdl

West Earl Of Eagle

24 November 1970

Townsend's Duke Of Eagle

10 November 1967 HB270763

Breeder: E. Mason

Pooka Pequest Knoll

7 April 1968 HB087117 Brindle

Breeder: F.F. Hill

Shanid's Jeanie

30 March 1971
 HB616030 BLACK

US CH Kingarrow's Kyle Of Shanid

26 July 1967 HA960538 Black

Ana Brenna Of Shanid

15 May 1967 HB123845 Black

Breeder: E. James

Ciancu Kelly Of Swords

15 February 1978
 HC505383 Whtn

Breeder: J. & N. Conahay

US CH CA CH Singing Swords Whelan

6 January 1976
 HC254396 Rd

Breeder: S. Engel-Elliott

US CH Shaun Barley Maldoon

18 April 1972 HB750119 Brindle

Breeder: E. & N. Asher

Ardgroom Sinead

1 May 1974 HC068700 Wheaten

Breeder: M. O'Halloran

Katherine Of Dublin

1 March 1974
 HB979009 Brdl

Breeder: S. Engel-Elliott

US CH Sir Jiggs Of Amblefleet

20 August 1972 HB847809 Gray & Brindle

Breeder: Owens

US CH Sandra Of Clara

8 September 1972 HB915850 Wheaten

Breeder: O'Halloran

The Alamo's Z Jesse

25 February 1982
 HD216563 Rd Brdl

Breeder: Loyo

US CH Singing Swords Whataflyte

31 October 1978

Breeder: S. Engel-Elliott

US CH CA CH Singing Swords Whelan

6 January 1976
 HC254396 Rd

Breeder: S. Engel-Elliott

US CH Shaun Barley Maldoon

18 April 1972 HB750119 Brindle

Breeder: E. & N. Asher

Ardgroom Sinead

1 May 1974 HC068700 Wheaten

Breeder: M. O'Halloran

US CH Petasmeade Amy

24 August 1976
 HC341600 Red & Brindle

Breeder: R. M. Innes

Petasmeade Oberon

14 December 1970 KCSB1066BG

9 years, 9 months.

Breeder: R. M. Innes

Cushla Of Tolkavalley

14 December 1973 KCSB2145BJ

9 years, 7 months.

Breeder: I. Walton

MX INT CH Frida Ona Zipper

6 February 1980
 HC699327 Brdl

Breeder: Chapman

Danny Pat Cecil Zipper

5 February 1976
 HC309628 Brdl

Breeder: Booher

US CH Kirkaelin Casey Of Regal

19 May 1971 HB658876 Red & Brindle

Breeder: J. England

Myown Boos Elegant Erin

27 September 1973 HC223348 Gr

Breeder: F. Messinger

Maggie Lanell Gerred

13 October 1975
 HC305890 Brdl

Zeke Charles Mooney

17 May 1974 HC232899 Brdl

Breeder: Mick

Gretchen Kathleen Mooney

9 October 1974 HC091460 Brdl

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