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Sir Jazzley Of Tara Hill United StatesAdd to favourites

Sire: US CH Grianan Ladd Of Limerick (Age at birth: 3 years, 1 months.)

Dam: Latunski's Flora Temple (Age at birth: 4 years, 10 months.)

Date of Birth: 8 February 1991

Sir Jazzley Of Tara Hill

(M) 8 February 1991, HM34515602, WHEATEN & BRINDLE

US CH Grianan Ladd Of Limerick

5 January 1988
 HD572856 Wheaten & Brindle

Breeder: M.G. Scheer

US CH Starkeeper's Ard Darby Grianan

4 September 1980
 CKC MS201362 - HC883406 Red Brindle

Breeder: J. Gagne

US CA CH CA FCHX TT Elmbrae's Starkeeper Trevor

18 June 1979
 CKC LL141689 - HC818401 Black

7 years, 6 months.

Cause of death: Osteosarcoma right front leg

Breeder: L. Kelly

CA CH Elmbrae's Carrowdore

13 August 1976
 CKC HR70596

Breeder: L. Kelly

Elmbrae's Ruaidhri

16 October 1974 CKC FU31191 Black

Breeder: L. Kelly

Elmbraes Caran Of Dunderry

20 April 1973 HB991910 Brindle

Breeder: L. Kelly

Elmbrae's Eibhlin

16 October 1974
 CKC FU31190 Gr Brdl

Breeder: L. Kelly

Kelly Of Ship's Bell

3 September 1968 HB320976 Wheaten & Brindle

Breeder: Dolaghan

CA CH Rathog Deirdre

28 February 1968 IKC B4356 - CKC 850690

Breeder: Moorehead

CA CH Meille's Lady LelandTTCD

26 November 1977
 CKC JX42897 - HC883404 Wheaten

10 years, 1 months.

Cause of death: degenerative myelopathy symptoms - rear end gave out

Breeder: G. Henry

Bardic's Rakas Meille

3 March 1972
 CKC 934796 Grey Brindle

Breeder: A. H. Lee

US CH Bardic's Lugh The Sun Lord

22 May 1968 CKC 776875 - HB589401 Wheaten

Breeder: A. H. Lee

Fleetwind Maga

5 September 1969 HB299750 Gray Brindle

Breeder: L.J. Thomasson

Bardic's Sylkamme Meille

23 January 1975
 CKC GAD98 Wheaten

Breeder: A. H. Lee

US CH Tyree's The Solemn Mr Council

22 June 1972 HB759941 RED & BRINDLE

Breeder: Davis

Bardic's Emaine Macha

3 March 1972 CKC DED975 Wheaten Brindle

Breeder: A. H. Lee

US CH Kellcastle Alain Banselgare

19 November 1983
 HD110022 Gray & Brindle

Breeder: D. Webb & B. Griffin-Webb

US CH Grianan Mann Of Limerick

5 May 1982
 HC926883 Wheaten & Brindle

Breeder: M. A. Kennedy

US CH Destiny Mohr Of Limerick

5 October 1979
 HC658357 Gray & Wheaten

Breeder: S. T. McCombs

US CH The Macintosh Of Limerick

10 June 1973 HB907454 Gr Brdl

8 years, 1 months.

US CH Destiny's Dignity O'Donal

22 January 1977 HC398534 Wheaten

US CH Grianan Nic Ma Lenaun

9 March 1979
 HC655300 Wheaten & Brindle

Breeder: R. Kaluza

Sidhe Dan Mar Leoghann

6 July 1976 HC279122 Wheaten & Brindle

Breeder: R. Kaluza

Timberlane Corrie Nic Sidhe

7 March 1975 HC134778 Wheaten & Brindle

US CH Ceile Of Limerick

26 June 1980
 HC732850 Black

Breeder: L. Souza

US CH Shaw Of Limerick

16 December 1977
 HC497056 Gray & Brindle

10 years, 5 months.

Breeder: Souza & Tierney

US CH The Macintosh Of Limerick

10 June 1973 HB907454 Gr Brdl

8 years, 1 months.

US CH Timberlane Casey Of Limerick

7 March 1975 HC133232 Gray & Brindle

US CH Robin Of Limerick

4 September 1976
 HC343855 Wheaten & Brindle

Breeder: L. Souza

US CH Timberlane Donal Deedum

20 November 1973 HB940161 Wheaten

US CH Sheila Of Limerick

10 June 1973 HB877753 Wheaten & Brindle

Latunski's Flora Temple

28 April 1986
 HD376159 Brdl

Breeder: S. A. Latunski

Sunstag Gabriel O'Lehan

9 February 1985
 HD259225 Whtn Brdl

Breeder: D. Howell-Hirsch

Dian-Ra's Whisky O'Toole

6 March 1979
 HC641540 Gr Brdl

Breeder: Burks

Mar J's Shawn O'Toole

16 October 1975
 HC513290 Whtn Brdl Wh Mkgs

Breeder: Mulvania

Elting Tracy Lollipop

15 June 1974 HC194128 Gr Whtn

Breeder: D. Elting

Polly Jewel Of Sun Valley

1 July 1975 HC252968 Whtn Brdl

Breeder: Metzner

Mar J's Kris

24 January 1977
 HC513202 Gr Brdl

Breeder: Moutraz

Rogue O'Lough Neagh

12 November 1971 HB636711 Gray & Brindle

Breeder: G. Ferris

Golden Rule's Imperial Iris

11 January 1972 HB860825 Brindle

Breeder: D. Elting

US CH MX CH Tiens'n Heiress Of Muldoon

23 July 1982
 HC966852 Brindle

10 years

Health checks:

Borland's Jamie Of O'Neill

4 January 1981

Rory Patrick Borland

20 January 1980 HC709390 Wheaten & Brindle

Breeder: Metzner

Queen Sheba Valincia

16 December 1975

Breeder: D. Elting

US CH Pj's She's So Easy To Love

8 April 1979
 HC735144 Whtn Brdl

US CH P J's Muldoon

25 April 1977 HC408803 Whtn Brdl

Breeder: Baird

PJ's Shenanigan

11 August 1976 HC309227 Wheaten Brindle

Breeder: D. & J. Howrey

Latunskis Chewbacca Of Lowel

12 March 1984
 HD210709 Wheaten

Breeder: S.E. & H.C. Lowell

US CH Lowells Cumorrua

25 October 1981
 HC906690 Red & White

Breeder: S.E. & H.C. Lowell

US CH Major Acres High Class

9 January 1979
 HC603876 Wheaten

Breeder: H. & M. Major

US CH Major Acres Vanguard

13 May 1973 HB865708 Gray & Brindle

Breeder: H. & M. Major

Major Acres Elegance

6 April 1977 HC379215 Wheaten

Breeder: H. & M. Major

Lowells Luadran

23 March 1979
 HC682556 RED & WHITE

Breeder: S.E. & H.C. Lowell

US CH Major Acres Rhys' Rustic Bard

27 June 1975 HC157640 Red & Brindle

9 years, 2 months.

Health checks:

Breeder: H. & M. Major

Lowells Miss Bridget

22 March 1975 HC557341 Red & White

Breeder: S.E. & H.C. Lowell

US CH Lowels Pati Oflaherty Carroy

24 August 1981
 HC906689 Wheaten & Brindle

Breeder: L. Rosebrock

US CH Shaw Of Limerick

16 December 1977
 HC497056 Gray & Brindle

10 years, 5 months.

Breeder: Souza & Tierney

US CH The Macintosh Of Limerick

10 June 1973 HB907454 Gr Brdl

8 years, 1 months.

US CH Timberlane Casey Of Limerick

7 March 1975 HC133232 Gray & Brindle

US CH Carroy Liath Cu Mo Scail

14 November 1977
 HC482683 Wheaten

Health checks:

US CH Timberlane Giles Corey

27 March 1974 HB999192 GRAY & BRINDLE

US CH Moscail Danna Ann

18 November 1974 HC129665 WHEATEN

Breeder: R.M. & R.L. Miller

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