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Cloghran Of Ouborough United KingdomAdd to favourites

Sire: Chulainn Connacht (Age at birth: 2 years, 0 months.)

Dam: Iduna Of Hindhead (Age at birth: 4 years, 0 months.)

Date of Birth: 1 March 1929

Bred by: J. V. Rank

Cloghran Of Ouborough

(M) 1 March 1929, SB 72LL,

CH Chulainn Connacht

24 February 1927

Breeder: D. Le Bennett & R. Hartland-Rowe

GB CH Sulhamstead Conncara

27 January 1925

Breeder: J.H.B. Lockhart

GB CH Felixstowe Kilbarry

13 June 1922

Breeder: I.W. Everett

Sulhamstead Pedlar

11 November 1918

5 years, 2 months.

Cause of death: Distemper

Breeder: F. Nagle

Brian (1913)

31 March 1913

Lady Alma of Sheppey

4 July 1916

Breeder: Walker

Felixstowe Slane

8 June 1920

Breeder: N. Smith

Felixstowe Kilgerran

20 November 1915

Breeder: I.W. Everett

Baddesley Brendina

15 April 1915

Breeder: H. Richmond Fisher


21 October 1919

Breeder: I.W. Everett

Felixstowe Kilgerran

20 November 1915

Breeder: I.W. Everett

Felixstowe Navan

3 June 1914

Breeder: I.W. Everett

Felixstowe Cloone

18 March 1913

Breeder: I.W. Everett

Felixstowe Nenagh

16 August 1912

Breeder: I.W. Everett

Felixstowe Gweebarra Later Dromore Gweebarra

12 May 1909

Grosvenor Doreen


16 June 1922

Breeder: C. H. Hildebrand

Wyke Mark Dan O'Hagarty

1 February 1914

Breeder: Heywood

Felixstowe Kilronan

27 July 1907
Rd Whtn

Breeder: Spooner


7 March 1902

Felixstowe Dromore

17 February 1903

Breeder: Pitts Tucker

Good Hope

Ivo O'Neill

27 April 1908

Breeder: T. Hamilton-Adams

Adel Colleen

Sarah (1917)

6 October 1917

Breeder: E. MacLeod

Conall Of Catshill AKA Felixstowe Conall

5 February 1913

Breeder: Parry

Wynall Gwynne

11 June 1906 Brdl

Breeder: Golding

Felixstowe Gara

15 April 1907

Hindhead Mollie

9 October 1912

Breeder: H. L. Crisp

Hy Niall

Breeder: T. Hamilton-Adams

Norah (Angelo's SD)

Breed: Scottish Deerhound

Breeder: M.K. Angelo

CH Iduna Of Hindhead

18 February 1925

Breeder: H. L. Crisp

Cragwood Darragh

26 April 1921

10 years, 8 months.

Breeder: N. Smith

Toyon St Patrick

1 September 1918

Breeder: H. Hill

Toyon Terrence

12 April 1917

Breeder: Bacon


10 February 1911 Fwn

Lindley Kelpie

11 May 1914

Breeder: H. Richmond Fisher

Toyon Sheilah

12 May 1914

Breeder: H. Hill

Toyon Southport St Patrick

5 February 1913

Breeder: I.W. Everett

Toyon Lindley Wendy

6 October 1910 182342 Gr Brdl

Breeder: H. Richmond Fisher

Toyon Bridget

29 March 1917
Dk Gr Brdl

11 years

Breeder: J. McAleenan

Newry Alhmin Chief

21 February 1911
Fwn Brdl

Breeder: C.M. & P. Doherty

St Brandon

1 April 1907


Newry Kathleen Mavourneen

22 March 1912

Newry Finn Maccool

5 April 1907 Dark Brindle

Breeder: S. Kennedy

Newry Sheila

17 March 1910

Breeder: Ockenden

Lady Clodagh

24 May 1921

Breeder: S. Hudson

Brutus of Ifold

27 March 1920

Breeder: R. Montague Scott


7 July 1918

Breeder: Macleod

Sheelin of Caldy

7 October 1916

Hindhead Mollie

9 October 1912 Gr

Breeder: H. L. Crisp


7 July 1918

Breeder: Macleod

Sheelin of Caldy

7 October 1916

Hindhead Mollie

9 October 1912 Gr

Breeder: H. L. Crisp


2 October 1918

Breeder: E. MacLeod

Con The Shaughraun

20 August 1914

Sandford Fingall

1 September 1910

Breeder: A. O'Malley

Felixstowe Daura

Lady Moll

3 June 1914

Breeder: McKelvie

Lindley Hector

6 October 1910 Gr

Breeder: H. Richmond Fisher

Felixstowe Kilrush

25 December 1910

Breeder: I.W. Everett

Full siblings

Number of full siblings: 3

Cathel of Ouborough

Clounanna Of Ouborough (1 Offspring)

Slane of Ouborough (13 Offspring)

Half siblings

Number of half siblings: 53

Number of litters with half siblings: 12

Litter number 1:

Born 14 October 1927

Sire: Bournstream Simba Dam: Iduna Of Hindhead


Felixstowe Kilcash (8 Offspring)

Felixstowe Mambo

Litter number 2:

Born 20 April 1928

Sire: Felixstowe Killone Dam: Iduna Of Hindhead

Biddie Of Ouborough (9 Offspring)

Felixstowe Kilcreenan

Felixstowe Killary (60 Offspring)

Felixstowe Killen (17 Offspring)

Felixstowe Kilmorac Halcyon (25 Offspring)

Felixstowe Kilpatrick

Grahamshill Patrick

Litter number 3:

Born 25 July 1928

Sire: Chulainn Connacht Dam: Malvina of Ouborough - also Malvina of Brabyns

Bridget Of Ouborough

Ciallach Akela

Tyrella of Ouborough

Litter number 4:

Born 14 March 1929

Sire: Chulainn Connacht Dam: Mavourneen Of Ouborough

Blarney of Ouborough

Enagh Of Ouborough

Laragh of Ouborough

Moyne of Ouborough

Trailer of Ouborough

Litter number 5:

Born 1 April 1929

Sire: Chulainn Connacht Dam: Malvina of Ouborough - also Malvina of Brabyns

Aideen Of Oughborough

Conmalva of Ouborough

Connemara Of Ouborough (15 Offspring)

Eclipse of Ouborough

Evelyn Of Ouborough

Fonar Of Ouborough

Macree of Ouborough

Terence of Ouborough (6 Offspring)

Thor of Ouborough

Litter number 6:

Born 10 May 1929

Sire: Chulainn Connacht Dam: Molly Bawn II

Sheila Bawn

Litter number 7:

Born 15 August 1929

Sire: Chulainn Connacht Dam: Steyning Shielah

Banshee Nan

Bournstream Brian

Cadox Dawn

Dorema of Contaria

Paddy Next Best Thing

Paddy The Next Best Thing

Steyning Coleen (5 Offspring)

Steyning Dermot

Litter number 8:

Born 14 December 1929

Sire: Chulainn Connacht Dam: Mavourneen Of Ouborough

Crecord of Ouborough

Litter number 9:

Born 1 January 1930

Sire: Chulainn Connacht Dam: Molly Bawn II

Blachone Enniskillen (4 Offspring)

Croppy Boy

Derry Kildare


Keeley O'Day

Kerry Fermoy


Patrick Kilbarry

Timothy Bawn

Litter number 10:

Born 26 April 1930

Sire: Galleon Of Ouborough formerly Chulainn Ryno Dam: Iduna Of Hindhead

Conleen of Ouborough

Conna Of Ouborough (10 Offspring)

Croughil Of Ouborough (3 Offspring)

Litter number 11:

Born 26 December 1930

Sire: Galleon Of Ouborough formerly Chulainn Ryno Dam: Iduna Of Hindhead

Croneen of Ouborough

Litter number 12:

Born 5 March 1932

Sire: Chulainn Connacht Dam: Diarmud Of Ouborough

Christy Mahon (6 Offspring)

Halcyon Sarah

La Maja de la Cercada (5 Offspring)

Number of offspring: 11

Total number of unique descendants: 147,516

(Total born worldwide after Cloghran Of Ouborough: 156,292)

Litter number 1. Partner: Lindley Saint

Litter born: 23 November 1930

Farnoge Of Ouborough (27 Offspring)

Litter number 2. Partner: Morag Of Clonard

Litter born: 4 January 1931

Chulainn Marcus

Chulainn Mahala

Chulainn Marpessa

Chulainn Minerva

Litter number 3. Partner: Morag Of Clonard

Litter born: 14 January 1931

Chulainn Melody Of Halcyon (3 Offspring)

Litter number 4. Partner: Steyning Shielah

Litter born: 1 March 1931

Dreumah Of Ouborough

Litter number 5. Partner: Loughareema formerly Patsy of Lynstone

Litter born: 9 April 1932

Brabla Burn

Litter number 6. Partner: Loughareema formerly Patsy of Lynstone

Litter born: 9 November 1932

Fionn of Glenshane


Barbell Burn

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Total number of possible ancestors (5 gens): 62

Actual number of ancestors: 58 (29M/29F)

Ancestorloss: 4

Percentage lost: 6.45%

Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 93.55%

Coefficient of Inbreeding: 0.39% (5 generations)

Coefficient of Inbreeding compared to breed average

The Kennel Club recommends breeding with a lower Coefficient of inbreeding (COI) than the average.
Average COI worldwide over the last 10 years for 5 generations is 3.36%.

Green areas are well below average COI. The yellow area marks average COI +/- 0.5% point. Red areas are well above average.

Lifespan in pedigree

Average recorded lifespan in pedigree: 9 years, 0 months.Based on lifespan-info of 3 entries in pedigree out of a possible 62 (4.84 %).

Recorded breed average in iwdb.org is 7 years, 5 months.Based on lifespan-info of 6296 dogs

Dogs that died in their first year are left out of the calculations, according to normal practice when calculating average longevity information in dogs.


Basis for veteran age is FCI-regulations; 8 years

We have 2 recorded veterans in this pedigree. 1 died before veteran-age.

We are missing info on 59 dogs

66.67% of dogs with known lifespan were veterans

Ancestor lists

Common ancestors

Sire and Damline

Sires and dams


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